“A wild cry that calls us back to the den.
A howl which instinctively we must follow.
A voice that calls us, as if we belonged to it,
as if it were our own,as if it were calling us back to nature.
It’s the voice of Adam Giles Levy.”

Acusticament, Radio 4, Spain

"wake of disarray" out now


Adam Giles Levy, with his sensational voice and visceral stage presence, is an amalgam of rocking roots, acoustic bluesy goodness and experimental folk. Hailing from Frimley Green, England, Adam is also an intriguing guitarist, whose self-taught style, echoes the UK’s rich fingerstyle heritage while remaining firmly his own. Not shy of using his lyrics to reflect on humanity’s big questions, Adam’s emotionally charged and unapologetic live show has earned him the call to support such class acts as Newton Faulkner, Mike Dawes, Noah Gundersen, Baskery and Steve Hackett of Genesis.

Adam’s debut LP, “Wake of Disarray” which lives at the intersection between 2014 Robert Plant, the guitar wizardry of John Martyn, the raw energy of Rival Sons and the subtleties of Agnes Obel, was released on Birmingham based indie label, Hillside Global, and sees Adam receive his first credit as a co-producer. From the folk-rock of “Wild Earth”, to the left-field blues of “Love Not Rage”, to the modern rock soundscape of “The Fall” to the experimental folk of “Raven’s Eyes”, this album is a journey best experienced in one sitting, from its wild start, to its dreamy end.

“A great writer. He expresses his lyrics with his own inimitable style really because he sings like no one else.”

Kid Jensen, The Blues Hour, UK

“There is so much to enjoy on “Wake of Disarray”. It’s hard to believe that this is the singer’s debut album. Adam Giles Levy is an artist that I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more about.”

Damian Sullivan, Maximum Volume Music, UK